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Investing in crypto can help you diversify your investment portfolio.

Without the assistance of a cryptocurrency consultant, navigating the fast growing cryptocurrency market may be complicated, difficult, and unsafe. Nu Coin USA offers assistance to crypto-curious investors of all levels. 

Understand blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry with the help of a Crypto Consultant/Tutor is a wise time and money saving investment. 

We can help you open a cryptocurrency account on the internet.

Create a safe cryptocurrency wallet.

Learn how to safeguard your investment with the best security equipment and tactics.

Remain informed on new currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Become familiar with cryptocurrency mining.

Learn how to buy, sell, and exchange funds.

Protect your funds from hackers by keeping them safe and secure.

Differentiate between coins with short-term potential and those with long-term promise.


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Why Choose Us

Over two decades ago, the rise of the internet and mobile technologies catapulted civilization into a technologically driven world. Those who capitalized on the opportunities presented by the internet at its inception gained fortunes. However, mainstream adoption did not occur until the technology’s interface became simple enough for the typical user to understand.

The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has created a situation that is reminiscent of the early days of the internet. Although some components of blockchain technology have been simplified as much as possible for the general public, other areas are developing at such a rapid pace that there is little time to design user-friendly interfaces. 

Nu Coin USA aspires to serve as a bridge for people who wish to participate but lack the information, skills, or confidence to do it on their own. With cryptocurrency’s fundamental form of absolute ownership, it won’t be long until real-world wealth makes its way onto the blockchain. This next revolution will be just as important, if not more so, than the Internet’s first emergence.

Blockchain Education

What exactly is a cryptocurrency? What is a blockchain, and how does it work? Why are these new assets being evaluated so differently?

One of the most significant impediments preventing novices from investing in cryptocurrencies is a lack of fundamental understanding of the sector. Build your knowledge today, while this new asset class is still in its infancy, and learn the basics of Blockchain.

Wallet set up and assistance

Which wallet should you choose? What wallets do you need? How can you help keep you crypto secure?

“Not your keys, not your coins” as the saying goes. Holding crypto in your own possession is one of the greatest benefits of this technology, yet for newcomers, it can be an area of uncertainty, anxiety, and hesitation. Don’t miss out on the security and sovereignty of cryptocurrency ownership

Exchange assistance

The world of cryptocurrency can be a complicated and involved space, and crypto exchanges are no exception. How well you understand this first step in your cryptocurrency journey is going to determine how smooth and worthwhile the rest of your experience is going to be. 

Picking the right exchanges that will help you meet your goals, minimize your risk, and give you access to the best opportunities is essential. 

Why Choose Crypto? Why Choose Us?

Buying influence has never been easier than it is now, in a world where it is relatively straightforward to create a private currency with internet value. As a result, certain leaders and influencers in the crypto field have developed dubious viewpoints and ulterior intentions.

This new industry, as well as the economy that is developing around it, is ripe for growth. Many entities want to influence the industry as it develops to their advantage.

Nu Coin USA Consulting is providing public opinion and guidance, the positions it takes will reflect the company’s true perspective. As a cryptocurrency news aggregator we also aim to provide our clients with up-to-date news and information on the cryptocurrency markets.

Nu Coin USA Cryptocurrency Consulting’s first objective will continue to be providing a clear and unbiased interpretation of the world of cryptocurrencies to our clients and the general public.

Crypto INvesting opportunities


Cryptocurrency Consulting


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Crypto wallet Services

Crypto Consulting Packages

For new clients, we do offer a free 15 minute consultation. We offer 30 minute and one hour basic Crypto 101 packages which includes the following.

Assistance with opening and using a trade or brokerage account so you can buy other cryptocurrencies (alt coins).

Setting up your wallet, and properly securing your secret phrase as a backup in case there is a computer crash or if it’s lost or stolen.
Getting your cryptos secured on a cold wallet (offline) for maximum security.

Answer any questions you might have. 

DISCLAIMER: Nu Coin USA Consulting does not give financial, accounting, or legal advice. Consulting services are exclusively concerning the technical aspects of cryptocurrency, overviews of the cryptocurrency industry, and how to best use these digital assets.

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So many people have created generational wealth for their families by investing in digital assets. Now more than ever is a great time to begin your journey.